Our Products Are Made Of



Medium density fiber board (most of our office furniture are made from this).



High pressure laminated Board ( very strong one).



Melamine faced board (all our local products are made of this material. It could be MDF inside or High pressured Particle board).


Solid Wood

Made of same piece of natural wood or pieces of different types of woods layers.



Manufactured leather made of very high quality fabric covered with plastic and grounded natural leather mixture. Our suppliers give 5 years warranty.



• We always concentrate on first grade leather thickness not less than 2.00mm.

• We sometimes import second grade leather for head rest of beds for better looks if there is only a demand. We never import sofas with second grade leather.


Sheet Metal

Pure sheet metal painted with two coats and final powder coating to resist scratch and avoids rust.



Thin layers of solid wood layered on top of one another in different directions for strength. Most of the time the inside of the office chairs and sofa frames are made of this material.